Eleni Bagaki

Eleni Bagaki presents text excerpts, images, objects and possibly a sound piece in the form of an exhibition with the title The importance of reading, writing, and exfoliating.

This is a story about a female artist who moves to Berlin in hope of finding a job and maybe love. During her stay, she develops a long-distance connection with the guy she sublets the flat from, while he travels in Asia. She spends most of her time indoors and gets to know him better by observing his objects in the house and reflecting on ideas about desire and traveling alone.

The profile of Bagaki’s heroine is carefully constructed based on a series of incidents. A living room and a bathroom which are a nest and a mirror. An exchange and then another exchange. One physical, one verbal. Then a third one, written. In the company of objects and textures she builds one chapter of her story, neither the first, nor the last one. Not knowing what you are looking for you’ll never find what you were waiting for. This could have been the lost script for a movie based on her life. Some pages and some persons are missing. She is the star, she and the reason why.

The importance of reading, writing, and exfoliating is part of an on-going project started a year ago when the artist left her base in Athens to live in a state of perpetual mobility. The places she goes to, the people she meets, and the stories she hears, become the material for her to examine the idea of the female wanderer.

Opening: Sunday 9th of December 2018, 16:00-19:00 (door code : 3975)
Duration: 9 – 19 December 2018
Opening hours: by appointment (email: bastien@paletteterre.com)
9 rue Rochebrune, 75011 PARIS – Fr, 5th floor, on your left