James Bridle, Zoe Giabouldaki, Daphne Dragona, Théo Massoulier, Philippe Riss, Anna Tomczak, Thibaut Vandebuerie

A workshop by:
hd.kepler., 3 137, Enterpise Projects
@ 3 137 artist run space
An open presentation & discussion on:
Saturday 23 April 2016, 17.00 – 20:00
@ Enterprise Projects,
A presentation of the publication:
On the Run #1 Online/Offline, by Hd.Kepler

The association hd.kepler., the artist run space 3 137 and Enterprise Projects present a series of speeches entitled “Online/Offline” that focuses on post-digital art on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Enterprise Projects (Chalkidonos 56 – 58, 115 27, Ampelokipoi, Athens) at 5 p.m.

Post-digital art is not the art after the internet, the internet is neither over or surpassed but it is everywhere and we should examine its consequences on art since it is a medium that we cannot escape. One way or another, the artwork will be presented on the internet, either during the artistic process or afterwords by its documentation, communication and sales.

The terms online and offline are defined from the computer science. Online designates a state where we are connected and offline, a state of disconnection. For the first time, “online” was introduced in telecommunications. The term offline did not exist because a disconnected machine was unworthy to be defined and included in the technical vocabulary. Nowadays, whether we call it biocybernetics era or hyperconnectivity era, there is one thing in common; the infiltration of the network in every aspect of our lives. And the artwork always circulates through networks.

The speakers, they are all internet natives, aim to present and renegotiate the most important online/offline terms of post-digital art like the ambiguity of physical and the virtual space, the aura of the artwork, the authenticity in the era advanced contemporary reproducibility technics, the anthropocene, the materiality of the virtual network and the interdependence of the physical material reality.

This presentation will be open to the public and will include a presentation of the publication On the Run #1 Online/Offline from the association hd.kepler. with its particular materialization protocole and a supplementary publication of the dictionary of the post-digital art terms that will be produced during a close three day workshop from a team of greek and foreign artists, curators, researchers and other cultural producers at 3 137.

The dictionary is a tool that enables us to understand our times. By choosing carefully our vocabulary, we form our present. Our present is perforated, continuous, mutative. It is made out of words, images, videos, links, hypertexts and other open-ended forms. It is written in greek, in english, in french, in polish, in greeklish, in html language, following and escaping the rules.

The speakers of this “Online/Offline” event are the British artist, technologist and author James Bridle, the Greek artist Zoe Giabouldaki, the Greek- Berlin based theorist and curator Daphne Dragona, the French artist Théo Massoulier, the founder of XPO Studio in Paris and co-founder of Hypersalon Philippe Riss, the Polish-Lyon based anthropologist-curator Anna Tomczak (co-founder of the collective recto/verso) and the French graphic designer Thibaut Vandebuerie.

To download the glossary produced during the workshop click here