Duration: 01-28 June 2020

We are happy to announce that Enterprise Projects is participating in Athens X Between Bridges:2020 Solidarity, an initiative by Wolfang Tillmans, Between Bridges Project. The campaign aims to support economically non-profit art organisations during the era of COVID 19 and aims to enhance their cultural activities.

Athens X Between Bridges:2020 Solidarity is a collective fundraising campaign. All earned funds will be distributed among non profit spaces in Athens. 3 137, Akwa Ibom, Enterprise Projects, ΎΛΗ [matter] HYLE, Radio Athènes, State of Concept, Victoria Square Project and Void participate in this campaign.

In the following link you can find more details regarding the campaign and a list with the available posters.

The campaign is live until Sunday 28 June 2020.

Thank you!