Enterprise Projects is pleased to present an excerpt of
Counter(-) is a documentary video installation by Michailangelos Vlassis Ziakas which explores the political aspects of individual and collective interventions on the electricity system of Greece.

Counter(-) was supposed to open in mid-May 2020 at Enterprise Projects but this was not made possible due to the restrictions of the Greek government to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Enterprise Projects will soon announce the new dates of the exhibition which is rescheduled for Autumn 2020.

Michailangelos Vlassis-Ziakas (b.1987) is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine arts (2007-2012) and completed his master studies on the domain of museology at University College London Qatar (UCLQ) in 2015. He participated in various group exhibitions and biennales in Greece and abroad.

His work is concerned with the representation of social and political disruptions and the constitution of political and ethical subjectivities. Ηe is interested in exploring how the above take form in different contexts, and, furthermore, how they can be renegotiated in an age of growing mistrust towards established institutions and ideologies.