curated by: Ilan Manouach & Kenneth Goldsmiths
coordinated by: Pasqua Vorgia

curated by: Elpida Karampa

Opening: Friday 16th of March, 20:00
Duration: 16-18th of March, 2018
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 – 20:00
107 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece

A standard feature of UbuWeb is its Top Tens, where invited guests get to recommend their cherry-picking selection of the archive. UbuWeb in Athens invites ten contributors living in Greece to share and spatialise their collection by tracing their own path through the colossal mass of UbuWeb’s available works.

Our list:

1. Guy Debord – Society of the Spectacle, Part 1 (1973) 2. Ragnar Kjartansson – Mercy (2005)
3. Cao Fei – Whose Utopia (2006)
4. Marcel Duchamp – Anemic Cinema (1926)
5. Paul Chan – Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord with a new and unauthorized translation, voice-over by Paul Chan (2013)
6. Helmut Lang – Something to Think About (2011)
7. Liz Magic Laser – The Thought Leader (2015)
8. Andrew Norman Wilson – Ode to Seekers 2012 (2016)
9. Eric Baudelaire – Sugar Water (2007)
10. Ryan Gander – Poison is a Woman’s Weapon Watson (2011)

At times it is violence, or else a medley of unfiltered images; it may be seen as the mother of learning and a prerequisite in the development of history. Repetition as a concept can take various forms and meanings, from industrial production to routine. In our choice from UbuWeb, we project this specific idea on works that are made with a specific duration in mind, but the context in which they are showcased and their web accessibility eventually turn them into something repetitive. This is a first approach to the loop and the multiple levels of repetition, as a basic component of UbuWeb, of our daily routine and of life.